Donation Activity Organized By Lanxin Glass

2012/4/24 source:

As a saying goes, there are days when accidents happen. One of our workers, Mr. Cai gets acute leukemia and he is staying in the hospital for treatments. Huge medical expenses bring big pressures to his poor family. 

After hearing this unfortunate news, Lanxin Glass pays high attentions and immediately organizes the donation for Mr. Cai. Within only a few days, we have gathered more than 30,000 yuan.

Mutual help has been a good virtue in Chinese culture, which is our obligations and responsibilities. No mater when people donate and how much they donate, it is the kind help which is most precious. With all love and help from Lanxin, Mr. Cai’s sister represents their family to send a pennant and a thank letter as their appreciation.

The love and help will cheer up the patient to fight against the disease.