Lanxin Glass Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is located in the center of the Bohai Sea Economic Circle, and its geographical position is very superior. It is only 30 kilometers away from Tianjin Binhai New Area, 60 kilometers away from Tangshan Caofeidian Industrial Park, 180 kilometers away from the center of Beijing, 60 kilometers from the center of Tianjin, 30 kilometers from the center of Tangshan City, and 205 kilometers away from Tangshan-Tianjin Expressway in the south. National Highway, south of Tianjin Tanggu Port, 40 kilometers from Tianjin International Airport, is very convenient for transportation.

Lanxin Glass Co., Ltd. is a private liability company. The registered trademark is “”Company covers an area of 400 mu, with a total building area of 245,659 square meters and registered capital of 100 million yuan. Mr. Zhang Shanhua, chairman of the company, has been engaged in glass marketing and deep processing for many years. He has many customers in domestic and foreign markets. His products are sold all over China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America. Lanxin Company has always been taking "quality first, customer first, common development, create prosperity" as its purpose, and working hand in hand with all sectors of society.

Since its establishment, Lanxin Glass Co., Ltd. has been listed as a key enterprise in Hebei Province. The leading products are Lanxin series of excellent float glass and on-line coated float glass (low radiation coated glass). It can produce more than 100 kinds of products with green, grey, blue, black, gold, tea and other 12 kinds of color as the dominant series.

At present, Lanxin Glass Co., Ltd. has three production lines of daily melting on-line coating float glass. Advanced production technology and control equipment are used in the production lines. It has a large number of engineers and technicians with rich theory and long-term production experience from major domestic glass manufacturing enterprises, and the total number of employees. More than 600 people, to ensure product quality to meet national standards, but also the normal operation of the company has adequate protection. The production line is equipped with raw material homogenization, melting furnace, tin bath coating system, annealing kiln, cutting, packaging and other cold end systems, supplemented by gas station, protective gas system (including compressed air system) and water, electricity, heat and other ancillary facilities, which can produce 2-19 mm on-line coating and float glass of different varieties and specifications.